Revealing my Birthday Gift from me to me! ❤️

Oct 3, 2014
Love to share my beautiful VCA purchase! :hbeat: I went to and fro thinking of a Vintage Alhambra Earrings to match my Vintage Alhambra Necklace in Carnelian!!! I came out with a totally different earrings and you will be surprised that it is indeed a statement piece for its size, its shape and best part it SPELLS ME!!! My lil angel and my dh (not with me at that but I sent pictures for him to vote) Guess what? It was two against one!:yucky: They both chose something which aft trying it on, I totally agree but my mind was telling me to pick something recognizable which was the Vintage Alhambra MOP or the sweet carnelian (not to huge in red)! Thank God I went with my ❤:heart::flowers::nuts::yucky::hbeat: picking this beautiful heart, flower and diamond! Three in one!:heart:




Sep 27, 2013
Beautiful! Happy birthday! I will say that you must put the VA MOP earrings on your wishlist, because they look lovely on you, too!
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