Revealing my beautiful Chanel from Fall 2014

Introducing my brand new Grand Shopping Tote! This color is a chameleon, it is much darker in real life than what the photo shows. It's like Hermes' "Blue Jean" color, a gentle cornflower blue with some grey undertones, caviar leather and silver hardware. In some pictures it appears to be a beautiful baby/sky blue. This is my first GST, I totally ADORE it!

My SA said that this fall the GST will also in a beautiful rich dark grey and a gorgeous burgundy. I initially wanted the burgundy because.... well because everything burgundy is beautiful! But decided to go for this unique blue as I already have a really pretty burgundy phantom by Celine. I think this will also take me year round and match most of my casual clothes. Plus this color is so pleasing to look at, it's very calming lol! Another bonus is I was able to get this GST before the price increase (due to happen any day now according to my SA).

Thanks so much for sharing this joyous moment with me :smile: xo