revealing - Mini Pom in Coquelicot - XXOO

  1. Love the bag and color - very cute and sexy at the same time
  2. :heart: your Coq. Mini Pom! So cute! Great matching cuff and mod shot too! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Lovely dresses, the red mini pom adds a touch of color to your black and white dresses, very graphic, really pretty. Love the matching bracelet too.
  4. Love the bag, looks great on you!! I've been contemplating a red bag and I think I need one since I wear black alot. The zebra looks great with it!
  5. Love the Mini Pom style and it looks lovely in Coq! Congrats!!
  6. love this bag! how much will the mini pom hold..about the same as a first?
  7. Hi tvstar - For me, it holds more than a First. I never use my First actually. I can get a wallet, Balenciaga Pencil, Iphone, Hairbrush, keys, sunglasses and ipod nano in here and still fit more.

    Let me dig up a photo of "what's in my bag" - this mini really holds alot! :smile:

    murier_int_b.jpg mini_pomponinside.jpg

  8. thanks so much for posting the pic! the first is too small for me so I was hoping the mini pom would hold more..I just love the look of this bag!!!
  9. beautiful! congrats
  10. Such a cutie!!!!!!!!!!! Love it~~~~~~~~~~
  11. congrats on your beautiful pom pom... love the colour.
  12. Oh my... that Mini Pom is so adorable, it put a big SMILE on my face. I love it!
  13. You are totally the Mini Pom :queen:, so cute yet enough to contain all these stuff. Very nice.
  14. The perfect addition to your already gorgeous Mini Pom Pon collection. You look great together, thanks for sharing.
  15. It's really such a cute bag! And in that pop of colour as well!