Revealing a new beauty from bal ny !!

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  1. Just came back from BAL NY today! any guesses ?? not on my list and it's a small beauty with a lovely hardware! :yahoo:

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  2. come on! no teasing!!!! I have to go to bed soon ! I have a child to birth!!!! hahahahaha
  3. HAHAHHAHA you can kinda see the color through the dust bag, come on, guess !! :graucho:
  4. ok ok, gold hardware... framboise?
  5. My guess is a 08 Magenta GGH CP.
  6. Mandarin GGH Coin Purse!

    Hey good luck with your pregnancy melissab!
  7. GGH IS CORRECT !! how about color ?? :P

  8. very close !!
  9. Thank you demi!
    Come on Frankie!! show us a little skin!!!!
  10. ^^ Lol it's definitely mandarin GGH, otherwise framboise but I'd go with mandarin because it's bright enough to peek through the dustbag!
  11. :nogood:
  12. amethyst??
  13. :popcorn:
  14. :party:

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  15. ooooh!!! Gorgeous combo!!!!! Now lets see the whole thing so I can drool !