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  1. I’ve been eyeing the Lou Lou for sometime now! I finally went forward with purchasing but couldnt decide between two choices! Here in the states Neiman Marcus was running a sale where if you spend $2000 you get a $500 gift card. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to make the purchase so I got both! Sorry for the basic pictures! IMG_3244.jpg IMG_3243.jpg IMG_3256.jpg
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  2. Gorgeous!
  3. AMAZING!! :heart::heart::heart::heart: Post mod shots!!!
  4. Both beautiful! Enjoy!
  5. Omg beautiful choices! I love the LouLou! Love the classic red and black. What sizes are they? Please add more photos once you remove the packaging; the red is divine!
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  6. Wow and wow! So beautiful!
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  7. Hi! The red is a medium and the black is a small. I’ll definitely take mod shots soon!
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  8. Do you find the small a good size or too small?
  9. Not OP but i was thinking about getting the small. I’m minimalist when it comes to crossbody bags, the small can fit an iPhone plus but I do find it annoying that there’s a divider, which means if fits even less stuff! I would recommend medium just to have a bit more wiggle room.
  10. So beautiful!

    I'm looking forward to your mod shots!!!!!
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  11. It’s a good size depending on your personal preference and what you plan on putting inside the bag. For me it’s more of a night time/dinner bag when I don’t feel like carrying a clutch. Honestly I like the medium better and I’m really on the fence about returning the small, just because I have a ton of bags that size already. The only thing is it’s such a beautiful, classic and elegant bag to carry!
  12. Still waiting on those mod shots because I've been eyeing another LouLou for my collection (I have the black toy already)
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