1. After trying the Darley satchel last year and returning 2 with inking issues I was on the look out for a small bag but bigger than my mini Lily. I tried the croc print Lily in January but I didn't like the hardware and it was also just a little too big for what I wanted.
    I ordered this beauty on Tuesday and it has just arrived... first impressions are good would anyone like to take a guess?? IMG_2944.jpg
  2. Marloe, Gracy or Amberley?!
  3. Mini Amberley?
  4. No it’s a ......

    A quilted Darley in Black smooth calf.
  5. So beautiful. It looks like it'd feel wonderful. Congrats! Hope this one works out for you:smile:
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  6. Thank you yes, I am really pleased with the bag. The feel, size and proportions on me are just right.
    I am trying to decide whether to wear her to work tomorrow!!
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  7. Gorgeous!
  8. This looks very classy and elegant, congratulations! :smile:
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  9. such a great classic look with a fresh vibe!!! congrats and enjoy! :tup:
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  10. 78459AA4-1CCD-46A2-BC23-C93A835707F1.png Bag Twinnies!! So pleased you got it. Enjoy. And def wear it to work! Wear it everywhere! Mine goes everywhere!!!! Xx
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  11. it was your mod shot that made me take a proper look at this Darley. I can only shop online unless I travel to the uk so it’s good to see real life photos.
    I didn’t wear her to work in the end which I am glad about as it was raining by the time I finished work!!
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  12. Oh I know... I treat my bags like little babies! You should see me trying to cover them in the rain ! Lol! And as I live in Ireland ... that’s me trying to cover them on most days! We tend to have a lot of rain here! Hence our lovely green countryside. So pleased you got the bag. I see Meghan Markle had a variation of it out with her recently. Great style :smile:
  13. Lovely bag, congrats :smile:
  14. This is a gorgeous bag. How much does it hold?
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    Thank you
    Here she is with a passport, small zip around purse and my iPhone 6. It has 8 card slots in the back and a zip pocket on the back and inside so no need for a purse really. I have also done a few comparison photos with my mini Lily.

    IMG_0584.jpg IMG_0585.jpg IMG_0587.jpg IMG_0589.jpg IMG_0590.jpg IMG_0591.jpg
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