1. Hi ladies and gents,

    Who is up for a reveal?

  2. I have been searching for the perfect casual crossbody bag and I think this is it! Any guesses?

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  3. Congrats can't wait to see! :tup:
  4. Here it is

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  5. Thank you!!
  6. Oh, that is great versatile bag. Wear in good health! Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  7. Thank you! I really liked it and it is super lightweight but my husband thinks its ugly
    I will enjoy it anyways
  8. Love the Mystery line saddle bag! I bought the Mystery small crossbody last season and the leather is fantastic, so thick and chewy. I'm currently in a NYC wine bar and carrying it with me. Congrats again and enjoy your bag!

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  9. Thank you . Your crossbody is gorgeous and is perfect for the occasion. Enjoy the wine!

    The leather is exactly the reason why I got this bag. I can't wait to wear it
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  10. Congrats!!! It looks fantastic!
  11. Very pretty! I adore crossbodies. Enjoy yours!
  12. Love the color! Congrats and enjoy!
  13. what fun! love it :smile:
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  14. Both bags look great and so functional too. I can't believe i havent taken notice of this line.