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  1. Anyone interested with a reveal? This will be quick!
  2. Here! :biggrin:
  3. 2 new beauties! So in love with them

  4. So hard to tell! :panic:
  5. It's late and gotta go to bed soon so here goes...

  6. Wallet and a bag? :smile:
  7. I'm loving this leather lately


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  8. Good guess! Though the smaller one can either be a wallet or a mini bag.
  9. Congrats! I like the pop of color, and the versatility of the bags. Enjoy them :tup:
  10. My first twist in pm size and the newly released felicie in epi tricolor!


    Just showing some details

  11. Thank you dear!
  12. Showing more pics of the Felicie...


    Kinda disappointed with the quality of the silver button, it's quite dull. Still love the bag though.

  13. Thanks fabuleux! The epi felicie colors are so fun! And this color combo is best in a small bag. Just the right amount of pop!
  14. The 2-color inserts really sold me. And i think it's a bargain to get all 3 awesome colors in 1 bag



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