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  1. I received an email from LV a few days ago with suggestions on father's day gifts. I clicked the link and had a little look as I was curious. Saw these gorgeous trainers and without even thinking about it, I immediately bought them. I didn't want them, I needed them, I had to have them in my life. You know how it is....

    The only minor disappointment is they are the tiniest bit bigger than my other same sized shoes, so I'm deciding whether it's worth the hassle returning and exchanging for a .5 size smaller or keeping them but they're not too bad to walk in. A tighter fit might cause more wrinkles in the canvas from walking so I dunno.

    Pffft, naughty LV for tempting me! I'm eyegasming right now.

    IMG_0111.jpg IMG_0120.jpg
  2. Congratulations! Enjoy your new shoes :smile: As far as whether or not to exchange or not, I'm at a loss. If they stretch, they'll definitely be too big, but I don't think the canvas will stretch like other leather or fabrics. Being a little tight would probably cause more wear to the canvas than being a little loose. I guess I would keep them and not exchange. Let us know what you end up doing :smile:
  3. Nice!
  4. Nice!! Congrats!
  5. I need them! LOL
    Congrats! :smile:
  6. Very beautiful. Congrats.
  7. Congratulations!
  8. Those are nice! Congrats!
  9. lovely. congrats!
  10. Love them!!
  11. I would exchange the size: shoes are meant for walking and it's important that they fit right.
  12. These are nice! I guess if they're just a "little" too big you can wear slightly thicker socks?
  13. +1
  14. They are awesome!! I think I would go through the hassle exchange them for the correct size, they are expensive shoes and they need to fit right. Is there any way you can go to the store that has them and try on the next size down? My worry would be that the next size down may be too snug and exchanging them again after that may prove difficult. The other option would be to wear thicker socks or try them with a sole insert.

    I completely understand seeing something on LV and not needing it but wanting it and buying it anyway :biggrin::smile:
  15. +2
    If they have a 1/2 size smaller I'd definitely go for that. Good luck anway.