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  1. So after flip-flopping numerous times on what I wanted...I came home with these goodies.

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396750703.217065.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396750717.761504.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396750729.908848.jpg

    I love them. My only concern - being too scared of color transfer to ACTUALLY use my Siracusa.
  2. Amazing haul!!! Use the Bags! They are too pretty not to be worn. Congrats
  3. Beautiful! Congratulations!
  4. Wow all of that? How fun!!
  5. They are gorgeous!! I really like the Siracusa. Congrats.
  6. Great haul! 😍👍 Congrats!
  7. Great LV items, my favorite is the Palermo!
  8. Thanks for the compliments!!
    My husband wasn't as thrilled. Oh well, he still loves me.

    What are the best ways to avoid color transfer on Damier Azur??
  9. Now that's what I'm talkin' about... If you can't decide on one, get 'em both! Great haul! Love LOVE the Palermo! Congrats!
  10. Just enjoy them. I dont own any DA so cant speak to that.
    Congrats they are all nice.
  11. Congrats, looks like you had a little shopping spree!
  12. Wow! When I go to the LV store I sure hope I am as undecided as you were when you went LOL! Love your bags. Sure hope you enjoy them!
  13. You definitely scored!
  14. great LV's - congrats!!

  15. Lovely!! Great choices!

    Avoid dark denim with your azur :smile: and ENJOY IT!