1. This is hands down my favorite purse! Of every purse I have ever bought. Elegant and sophisticated! It fits my lifestyle too. I can wear it crossbody with jeans or dressier on the shoulder with the chain straps doubled. It doesn't have feet but I guess you can't have it all!

    Miss Emily! :loveeyes: I had to make myself drop her after 8 days of nonstop use so she doesn't get scratched...



  2. Congrats on a gorgeous bag, I love the style!!
  3. Thank you! :smile:
  4. OMG!! That bag is AMAZING! Totally LOVE iiiit!! :heart::heart::loveeyes::loveeyes:
  5. Ohhh yesss! I love this bag, congrats!
  6. Stunning bag -- congratulations!
  7. Congrats! Could u show us some mod shots? Im 5'7....just wondering how it would look on me.....
  8. Absolutely gorgeous bag!!
  9. Thank you everyone!

  10. Mod shots... I'm about 5' 2" for reference


  11. Thank u so much! It really looks nice, I dunno why the emily doesnt get much love in this forum though.... ^^
  12. perdy! like!
  13. Thank you!

    Thanks! Some styles aren't as popular and that's usually what makes me like them more.

    Thanks! I love my varinas!
  14. What a beautiful bag and great modeling pic! Congrats!