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  1. Who's here? :smile:
  2. Otis had to sneek in :smile:))

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  3. cute kitty!
  4. :popcorn: Waiting!
  5. Without further teasing, here's my new baby for fall :smile:

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  6. :tup:
  7. Love it!
    Totes are the best :smile:
  8. Love the tote AND Otis! Congrats!
  9. Very nice! Love the black/gray fabric! Enjoy
  10. Oh my....precious baby.....great photos!!

    Love your new bag!
  11. I agree.....I am a tote-a-holic, lol.
  12. Me too, I have the laguna jet set and I carry it almost daily
  13. I just got the jet set in purple saffiano and I am loving it! I also have the Hamilton tote in saffiano purple too but I think I might return is big and I am short.
  14. Congrats on MK Tote!
  15. Love the bag! Congrats!