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    A few weeks ago I received a parcel directly from the capital of Italy: Rome!

    Roma - what an auspicious word when you think of Italian handbags. :nuts:

    It must be a G-Bag or not?

    (You must click on the images to enlarge them. I never seem to learn to place the pictures in a correct and comfortable size.)

    So what do you think? What colour could I have ordered? It must be a bag that was not available in Germany, right?

  2. it a Script bag?:wondering
  3. Hi Melora, I have no idea! d bag?? probably not, huh...

    open, open! lol
  4. Here is the bag that I have purchased. The tag says: "G-Bag Easy Sagomata M(edia)".

    b_2290.JPG b_2288.JPG

    b_2201.JPG b_2205.JPG

    Ever since I saw the picture which TPF-user swan1 had posted of the Glicine Testa Moro G-Bag or G-Bag Easy Sagomata or whatever this style is called, I knew this could be "my" next Tod's bag. To be honest, the shape of the north/south G-Bag has the prettier form. But I absolutely wanted a zipper on top instead of the button.

    But to buy the bag was really a problem. My first visit to the nearest Tod's boutique last year in July was pretty frustrating. At that time the SA told me that this special style was throughout Germany only available in calfleather. But I wanted a bag for rainy days and therefore preferred the coated canvas this time.
    My next try was the Tod's flagshipstore in Munich. After all, the boutique in Munich had this style in coated canvas - but only in green. And although it was a nice green, I remained steadfast. I really wanted "my" perfect G-Bag.

  5. In the fall then it turned out that I unfortunately could not spend my vacation in Italy, where I wanted to look after this special style which was not available in Germany. Instead I made a trip to Paris. To make it short: the lady at Tod's smiled at my question and answered: "No, this style in coated canvas in Bordeaux (burgundy) you can get only in Italy." I really was a little bit frustrated at that time.
    When all my hopes faded of finding my G-Bag, I found it in an Online-shop in Rome.

    Some more pictures:

    c_2242.JPG c_2240.JPG

    c_2245.JPG c_2292.JPG

  6. Very pretty! Congrats!

    Is that burgundy or the purple color?
  7. its lovely...congrats on your purchase!!
  8. Congrats Melora!!! That color is amazing! I love the coated canvas, this color is going on my wish list! Enjoy!
  9. glad you managed to track down the bag! i can totally understand why you'd want a big with a zipper, i'm still looking for the perfect zippered bag too. love the color.
  10. Congrats on your find!
  11. Beautiful bag and I love the Munich flagship store. Love the expansion (even though I really liked the art gallery that was in the space before) and their selections. Congratulations on persisting and finding your ideal bag.
  12. @ Lina25, LT bag lady and santha:
    Thank you all for your lovely comments. :smile:

    @ Luv2shop1:
    The colour is in my eyes a dark winered/burgundy - not purple. The colour purple was of the S/S 2009 collection (but of course then only north/south style). TPF-member lolas has set a photo in the reference thread. But your question is justified. For my taste the colour could be even more red. But I am content.

    @ sea_phoenix:
    Yes, I am really glad. It's such a satisfying feeling to have got the bag after six months on the hunt. I'm sure I would be unhappy if I had taken the green bag or the burgundy one without the zipper.

    @ Maedi:
    Indeed, Maedi, the Munich flagship store is noble restrained with a very elegant interior. :yes:

  13. Such a beautiful color! Congratulations!!
  14. pretty.....pretty....pretty.... love the color Melora.....enjoy:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:

  15. Purseonafied and SkeeWee1908, I thank you both for your comments. :smile:

    Maybe I have to rethink about the colour. My brother believes it is to be purple. I myself always find it difficult to make a precise distinction between all those nuances of colours. Therefore I've made some more pictures so you can judge for yourself. I have added a sort of winered leather jacket and a purple jumper/pullover. I hope this helps to get an idea of the colour.

    (You have to click on the pictures to enlarge them.)

    f_2644.JPG f_2652.JPG f_2642.JPG