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  1. Not my first H - but my first reveal, ever! I am kinda shy / nervous... so please be patient with me! I hope I do this right.


    They aren't all for me, so I'll only be revealing what's mine. It's unfortunate as the one that isn't mine is actually very special for various reasons! It was like it dropped for the person that purchased it with me.
  2. :popcorn:okee dokee, ready
  3. This is the smallest box. It has something I've drooled over in other members' reveals but never actually saw it in my local Hermes until today... it is horse related. Any guesses?

  4. woohoo!! A live reveal!:yahoo:
  5. YES! I finally caught a live one!

    Show us the goodies! :woohoo:
  6. OMG!! A live reveal!! And your first!! Horse related...a scarf???
  7. I guess this is the non-US members!! I rarely catch live reveals myself.

    Ok... this is the first box:

  8. Poptarts!! ME too!! Isn't this exciting?
  9. nuh nuh nuh, wrong box for a scarf, i reckon.
    maybe a horsebit keyring? wait that's probably wrong. i give up.
  10. oops, i'm too late. that's a cute little horsie thang!
  11. I love the horse keychain! So cute!
  12. Yay!!! A live reveal!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Ooh love the horsey keyring!
  13. He definitely is! He won me over in 5 seconds! Thanks!!

    Ok, here is box number 2. The story about what's inside this box is that my local shop never has it on shelf so I had to be "wait-listed" to get it. It isn't even the colour I wanted but I figured it would be a shame to pass it up - I got so excited to be called and told they had something that may interest me!

  14. :thinking::confused1::popcorn:
  15. It's one of these charms! What are they called anyway? I had my heart set on hanging one of these at the front of my One-And-Only birkin... but that's PHD, and the charm is gold... but I figured I could juse use it on any of my other purses.