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  1. Here is my new Baccara Rose Nero Ciambrino. Received just in time for Chinese New Year.

    Attached Files:

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  2. Ooh that’s cute!
  3. Gorgeous color! How do you find the strap drop? It seems to look shorter than the regular iron.
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  4. very cute bag! Congrats!
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  5. Congratulations- she’s a beauty!
  6. Very pretty. The rivets look really nice with the color. Adds a freshness and modern-ness.
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  7. Lovely—I hope you enjoy her!
  8. When I first saw the new strap, I didn’t like it, but after I tried it on, it actually felt better sitting on my shoulder than the old one. I have the old one in Brunito and it feels the same - my photography skills aren’t great ;)
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  9. I think you captured the bag beautifully. When I first saw the new strap, it did not appeal to me too but it is interesting that it felt better than the regular Iron. Looks like it is time to visit the boutique after months.

    Happy Lunar New Year!
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  10. Happy new year! Wish you good health & much happiness!
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  11. Thank you! To us all!

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  12. That’s a beauty! I have this bag in a few colors but without the rivet handle. Yours looks great! Thanks for the photos.

    Happy New Year!
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  13. Cute little bag, congratulations and a very Happy New Year
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  14. Pretty color.....and matches your decor beautifully!
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  15. Pretty color - very nice on a small bag... maybe indeed I should visit BV again...
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