Reveal your christmas/eid/hanukkah etc. presents here....

  1. come on everyone, show us what you got.......
  2. im new here but i have got a chloe agent silver purse and louis vuitton dentelle speedy or xmas....

    pictures to follow once i figured out how to get them on here.
  3. I got money towards a new Chloe, so I'll post it whenever I get it. I'm definitely getting a baby Paddy though, just need to decide on a color. I love Nuage... but I also like a few others.
  4. Compliments of the season, everyone!

    No purses for me but I do have some decent department store vouchers (David Jones) in my hot little hands.

    My favourite quirky gift was a blinged-up mouse for my iBook. It is covered in diamantes!

    Hope everyone is having/has had a lovely few days. We are sweltering here. It is 1.30pm on Boxing Day and the temperature has just hit 109 degrees (43C)!!!!!!!!!!! Christmas Day got to 41C. :beach: Thank goodness for a great air-con.

    Cranky (dreaming of a white Christmas ...)
  5. Because I was a impatient nerd you all have already seen mine - the patent capsule. Why wait for the actual day? You could get hit by a truck before then!
  6. I got an amazing black paddy w/ black stitching from my mom. I'd shown it to her on the NAP site when it went on sale and she completely surprised me with it! The leather is more pebbled than my argent paddy---it's a gorgeous texture!