Reveal x4 Cumin, Cassis, BM and Black Metallic PH city

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  1. I’ve decided that I’ll only buy bags I’m actually going to use from now on… meaning, no more pop colors for me.

    My Coq’s been used less than 5 times, my Pumpkin even less. My Atlantique, while I love the color- goes with nothing I own.. grrr. My Velo with RGGH is another one I don’t wear. When I need to carry some serious stuff, it’s just too heavy for me so I always reach for my WE.

    So, I’m being realistic about my bag purchases. Too much cash to spend on something I don’t use. Plus the headache I get just thinking about what to do with those bags.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant- moving on to my reveals!

    First up Cumin rh city and Cassis rh city:

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  2. Next up BM rh city and Black Metallic Pewter Hardware.

    I love the Black Metallic which isn't really metallic at all. Love it so much in fact that I'm thinking of getting another one.

    I'll post pics comparing my black GSH city with the metallic as well.

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  3. Group shot:

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  4. Ah gorgeous- I as well stick to the more neutral, easy to match colors. Although I'd love all the pops of color too!
  5. Ok, so here are some comparison shots:

    The metallic is very smooth, no distressing at all. It reminds me of those motorcycle jackets people wore back in the 80s (while listening to Def leppard.. haha).

    I can't decide which one I love more, GSH or Pewter. But I think i may get another pewter. It's a bag I'll def. wear and have a feeling it's going to break in beautifully.

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  6. I love love love the black metallic
  7. Me too.
    I'm still not sure why they consider it metallic. It's nothing like the pics of metallics I've seen here. In fact, if I didn't know, I would never have guessed it's metallic.
  8. Love all of them!!
    Where oh where did you get the black metallic!
  9. Thanks for sharing! You have a beautiful collection right there!
  10. That will be on my list now for sure!
  11. Thanks. Got it from HGBAGS

    Thank you.
  12. Yeah, it really is a great bag.
  13. Black Metallic is very very cool , it's my favorite
  14. They are all fabulous! Enjoy!
  15. I was just staring at it. I think it's gonna become one of mine too.

    Thank you :smile: