Reveal x3 what happens in Vegas will not stay here!!!

  1. So I am in Vegas and visited 3 different LV stores to look for my birthday gift. I ended up getting 3 items. I am sooo banned for a very long time lol!

    Will do instant reveal because having problems connecting to the internet from the hotel.

    Enjoy :smile:

    Here they are...Portobello PM, new Pochette mono, and Jazzy mono bandeau
  2. Love all of your beautiful things! Congrats and happy birthday!
  3. Beautiful items. Happy Birthday :balloon::balloon::balloon:
  4. Beauuuutiful. Bandeau is lovely on portobello
  5. Happy Birthday! Congrats!
  6. Congrats and happy birthday!
  7. Beautiful! Love a modeling pic with the Portobello if you get a chance! :flowers:
  8. Gorgeous!! Happy Birthday too! :woohoo:
  9. Big Congrats!!
    Happy Birthday! :flowers:
  10. Happy Birthday and lovely purchases .. the bandeau is a great match with the portobello:smile:
  11. Happy birthday!!! Beautiful!
  12. Congrats and Happy Birthday!!! :party::Partyhat:
  13. congrats saw the portobello today and fell in love!
  14. gorgeous! Love all three! congrats!
  15. Happy birthday!!! Would love modeling shots when you get a chance!