Reveal with modelling pics


May 1, 2011
Ok, you may remember me from this thread:

So, I finally got my Speedy 25 DE few days ago.

I wanted to do a reveal but I guess the Speedy 25 is not that interesting :biggrin: So, I decided to make a comparison reveal. When I opend my last thread, I looked for pictures of tall ladies carrying Speedy 25. I did not find any pictures so I had to travel all the way to LV store to try the Speedy on (and nearest LV store is 4-5 hours drive one way).

So, I am going to show you how the Speedy 25 and the Speedy 30 looks on a person 176 cm tall (that is a little over 5'9). I currently have 53 kg (that is about 117 lbs, I think).

This is my Speedy 30 mono on me (I recently changed the whole vachetta on it so it looks brand new):

And this is my new Speedy 25 DE (it stills has that line from being folded):

Both bags (sorry for the mess, I just went shopping and my room is a big mess):

And here are my bags without me:

Sorry for the bad pictures (it is difficult to picture yourself :biggrin:). I will have better pictures but I think this is ok for a quick comparison.

I do not think that the Speedy 25 looks too small on me. I wanted to buy the Speedy 35 because everyone told me I am too tall for the Speedy 25 but I do not need that much space and I think I do not look ridiculous with the Speedy 25.


Life is short. Buy the bag.
Jan 3, 2008
Beautiful!! I like the DE Speedy 25 best. You are so pretty!


Jul 19, 2009
Both bags look great. I think you wear them well.
Beyond that, I envy your gorgeous cheekbones!


LV LaLa Land
Aug 9, 2012
You look gorgeous with both! I have a 25 and 30 Speedy as well and the 25 is fun to carry and it doesn't look ridiculously small.
Btw, did you get the piping on your 30 redone with new vachetta as well or just the handles and tabs?