REVEAL: What Do You Get When...

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  1. you mix pine nuts, olive oil and basil!?


  2. Love the new blue dustcovers!

  3. So, what DO You get when you mix pine nuts, olive oil and basil!?

    If you don't know, maybe this picture will help...


    Or this one...

    Well, the answer is PESTO!!
  4. [​IMG]

  5. [​IMG]

    Do you know what bag it is yet!?!?
  6. I know, I know!!!
  7. :popcorn:
  8. Hehehehe!


    My beautiful new plush sought after in pesto!!!
  9. Plain brown lining but it works with the pesto! Very 'natural' feeling!

    Pocket on the back!

    Side detail

    Look at this MAJOR pout, there is NOTHING in the bag!!!
  10. Modeling pics...

    5'6'' and plus sized

    There's nothin in the bag... it's seriously squishy and soft and decadent!

    Attached Files:

  11. And some color comparison pics with teal/jade crunch...

    Attached Files:

  12. I think that's the first pesto plush we've seen here. How gorgeous!! It reminds me a bit of the lawn crunch color. Looks great on you, as usual :biggrin: Hope you love it!

  13. Initial reaction:

    OMG this bag is huge! lol

    It is absolutely so squishy and pouty and just feels SO good on the shoulder! Lightweight and comfortable with the braided handles which don't seem to slip although I haven't worn it more than like.. one minute haha!

    The bag smells amazinggggggggggg, I seriously was hit with a WALL of leather fragrance when I opened up the plastic bag around the bag!

    It's slightly pebbled... I don't like pebbled leather much but this is rather smooth and so so soft! It reminds me of a softer, squishier LP washed leather.

    Pretty sure I'll be keeping this one, it's a deliciously soft hobo but different from my minilisas! And I've been lusting over a two-handle hobo bag like this! The green is very fresh and bright, sort of like pesto; reminds me of bright spring peas! Similar to lawn but more rich and a deeper color; I don't own my lawn bag anymore so this is a great alternative and is lighter than my jade bag which is good!
  14. Thanks Joan! Yeah, I think it's the first pesto; I tried waiting for pics but finally just had to take the plunge when it was $159 and free shipping! Can't beat it!
  15. You know...I just LOVE your reveals!!!! What a beautiful bag. I love the "pout" and the color.