Reveal:: Wedding Shoes!

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  1. Hello Lovlies,

    This is my first post here, and my very first pair of Choo's!!! I am getting married next month, and when I seen these whilst waiting for my Alterations appointment in Kleinfeld's I had to try them on! And well... You know how it goes! They came home with me!!

    image-3838991913.jpg image-998607900.jpg image-2803363367.jpg
  2. Congrats on the wedding and the shoes:smile:
  3. Gorgeous...perfect wedding shoes!!!!
  4. These were my wedding shoes:smile:
    Congrats, they are beautiful!
  5. Thanks everyone! :smile: I loooveeee them!!!
  6. Congratulations CAM22 on your wedding and getting a great pair of shoes. You were smart to get them because you can wear that style over and over again! I cannot tell the height...are they the Isabel?
  7. Very pretty shoes! Congratulations!
  8. Thanks! Yes, they are Isabel's! 2.5in heel height.