Reveal - wave small bag

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  1. I have been eyeing on the Wave bags on and off for over a year and couldn’t pull the trigger due to price and color options.
    Finally took the plunge when I saw her at the outlet with a special promotion and love that yellow shade!
    Presenting my Wave bag in small size. 5AC9B024-D999-416D-ADB0-A0566FB60F69.jpeg 61C4E22B-0108-4C4B-865C-45B4C31BAEC1.jpeg
  2. Beautiful! Enjoy.
  3. Very beautiful bag.
  4. Enjoy your beautiful new bag! The color is really pretty! Would you mind posting a pic what fits inside?
  5. Hi Isis23,
    Sorry I didn't see your post until just now! I recently bought a 2nd Wave (same size, in small), and just took a photo on what's fit inside from the newer bag).

    I have the following items inside the bag:
    - a full size wallet
    - cosmetic pouches x 2
    - key pouch/holder x 2
    - foldable/reusable shopping bag
    - standard size water bottle (17 oz)
    - iPhone (I can actually put the iPhone on the back pocket outside of the bag)

    Additional items that can still fit: - a book/notebook, or a small umbrella

    It's quite spacious as you can see :smile: Hope this helps.

    tods inside.jpg
  6. Woah it fits a lot more than I imagined!
    What a lovely shade of yellow, it's so cheerful but doesn't hurt the eyes. Very comfortable to look at.
  7. Thank you for sharing this. I had been looking at this bag as I find the design so unique. Glad to see it fits a lot. May I know if there is anything you dislike about it, well I guess not; as you would not get a second one but perhaps in terms of weight? Or getting into the bag? Thank you in advance for sharing.[/QUOTE][/QUOTE]
  8. [/QUOTE][/QUOTE]
    Like you, I have been eyeing on this bag for a while too. I am lucky to live near a Tod's outlet, and I took advantage of their promotion and pricing (50% to 70% off MSRP). I am also very particular with the leather and colors combo. The yellow one was in smooth leather, while the grey/purple one is in pebble leather. Both types of leather are durable, and the craftmanship / quality overall are very good (thick stitching, heavy-solid hardware). It's not heavy at all, and one good thing about the top handle is that it is long enough to be carried under the shoulder (maybe a bit snagged if you wear a jacket etc).

    One of the initial hesitation I had was the opening - it requires both hands (one hand holding the bag/top handle, and another hand pull the zipper. After owning the bag for a while, I figured the best / convenient way for me is to leave the side buttons open, which makes the bag more 'wavy' looking too..... Once I leave the side buttons open, I found it quite easy to zip/unzip the opening. However, I do make sure that I close (at least 1/3 zip up) the opening at all times, especially when I wear it cross-body, as the opening can be quite wide if it is entirely opened, so things might drop out easily.

    All in all, I am very happy with this bag. I was told that this style is being discontinued, so the outlet is receiving them now.

    Hope this is helpful :smile: . Let me know if you have other questions :smile:
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  9. Thank you for taking time to reply. You've been most helpful. My concern is with how the bag opens as well. I will try to make it to the boutique to see if there are still any stock of it. :flowers:
  10. lovely bag.