Reveal! Two Bleu

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  1. Beautiful Congrats!!
  2. Stunning ! :heart:

    Loves this bag !
  3. They're gorgeous!!! This is by far my favorite color!
  4. I loved the amarante, too. It would go better with my wardrobe and its beautiful (and more like black at a certain angle). But at the LV boutique, I was so drawn to the Bleu. Also, if you look at my LV collection, I've played it very conservative. This bleu piece is a step out of that trend.
  5. Congrats - I was in the store when it came in and the SA's were truelly swooning! IT is gorgeous - congats!
  6. You are one lucky lady!!! It's stunning!!!
  7. They're stunning. Congrats!
  8. Gorgeous! Congratulations!
  9. OMG, it's stunning!! Congrats!
  10. OMG! Absolutely stunning :drool:
    Huge CONGRATS!!!
  11. omg GORGEOUS !!
  12. WOW!!!!!!!!!! Thats all.
  13. Congrats .. stunning colour:smile:
  14. Congrats !! It's really FABULOUS :heart: !!
  15. Congratulations, bmsw72!:yahoo: They're both pretty!