Reveal - Today's Fedex delivery

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  1. I'll make this a quick one. Here's the box:

  2. :popcorn:
  3. :woohoo:
  4. Ohhh a live one!!
  5. I'm here :nuts:!
  6. Oohh can't wait :P
  7. Welcome christymarie340, mizz852, valencia, **Chanel**, and avedashiva

    Anyone wanna guess?

  8. :woohoo: Bring it on!
  9. Not good in guessing but here we go: CDC?
  10. Ooh - enamel bracelet?? :smile:
  11. HNN,, sorry, I was distracted by Tillie, but I'm here just in time!
  12. Hi mimi 123, helenama, and shelbygirl!!

    Here's the side view of the box:

  13. A belt?
  14. bracelet of some sort???
  15. OHMIgoooooooood.......... It's a reveal galore day............. love it love it love it.............