Reveal - To Keep or Not?? Please help!


Apr 30, 2016
Walnut Creek, CA
Hi everyone. I purchased the Twice in Empreinte Noir yesterday and I have no idea why I'm questioning if I should keep it or not, lol. I love it but I'm not 100% there. The bag is being discontinued and it was the last in the US so I was really happy to snatch this beautiful piece. It fits all of my essentials without looking overstuffed and is very comfortable worn as a crossbody. In my opinion it fits way more than a Chanel WOC which I was debating between the two to begin with. I've been in need of a new black crossbody bag that can be worn everyday // isn't too dressy but still has the class to it. I'm definitely a crossbody type of gal. I paid around $1,560 with tax included and upon purchasing I was debating between the *Speedy B 25* but figured since the Twice is being discontinued, might as well go with it.

The Twice is my first Empreinte piece that was more on the affordable price point for me and a change from my Damier Ebene & Monogram collection. I would really like to know anyone's opinion on the Twice and if you think it looks okay on me. Thanks in advance :smile:

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Jan 18, 2014
I really think its a boring shape bag. Personally only reason I'd purchase this is for the empriente leather but I can't say I agree with the design. I think you can get a nicer cross body bag with that price range if you can forgo this leather type. :/


Nov 17, 2013
It's a great bag...I have the same one. It definitely fits more than a WOC, I have several. Did you only buy this bag because it was discontinued? It seems to be exactly what you say you were looking for but you're still questioning your purchase.
Jan 12, 2009
Keep it!! I love the twice and wish it wasn't being discontinued. I can't justify it right now because I have some other bags that serve the same function. I think it is the perfect size and can be used so many ways. Keep it and enjoy!


May 15, 2015
I have the same one, and I love it. It holds just enough for me and can be dressed up or dressed down. Hidden pocket is a great addition to the bag. Very classy piece. Excellent for travel too! Can't believe it's being discontinued! I think it looks fantastic on u, I would keep it if I were you.


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May 11, 2010
Meridian, ID
Personally, I've never been a fan of this bag. If you aren't 100%, don't not keep it just because it's being discontinued. If you like it and will get use out of it, then keep it. Of course it looks good on you, what wouldn't!


May 27, 2009
Huh? Is it being discontinued HOW COME?

Yes, I would keep it. But unrelated to it being discontinued. It's a gorgeous cross body bag, and the leather is Devine. It also fits a lot compared to other it's size, and it's very functional, and at a great price point.


Jan 3, 2014
Think if I had to get a black empriente leather box shape bag. The new pochette metis empriente in noir I think looks better with the S lock looks so much nicer than the round button used on the twice, it makes it look like a ordinary black bag very understated. But I can see why people would like it, if they don't want a loud looking bag, something that blends nicely and use everyday.


Jul 15, 2015
I would keep it, from what you've said it ticks all the boxes for you. I love my Twice, I usually use larger bags but it's perfect for when I occasionally need something small. Maybe you'd prefer something like the emp pochette metis? But if don't need anything larger then you may as well keep the Twice. I doubt LV will bring out another empreinte bag at the Twice's price point again.
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