Reveal time!!!

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  1. So I went to LV yesterday to "look", which in TPF language means buy! But, I did tell hubby I was just going to "look" I had quite a few items I wanted to look at and it was definitely a hard choice. I had saved up some money to buy the new speedy empreinte, but just don't love it, so I have some money in my "play" account!!! I didn't get a chance to reveal or even open it yesterday so I am super excited
  2. Let's see!! 😀

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  3. I won't leave you hanging!! I'm too impatient lol ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465053043.973911.jpg
  4. Here is a give away ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465053182.787239.jpg
  5. And here is my 1st epi and first alma!!! Love the anthracite!!! It's absolutely stunning!!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465053228.212092.jpg
  6. here
  7. Great beauty!! Congrats!!
  8. Love this color and it looks so great on Alma. Congrats and enjoy!
  9. Love it! What size is this one?
  10. LOVE LOVE that Anthracite color. Beautiful choice!!! Is it the BB?
  11. Ahh you got it in the end! It truly is a gorgeous and unique colour but at the same time goes with most outfit. I would pick this over noir anytime 😊. Congrats and enjoy your new beauty.

  12. Thanks!! I absolutely loved it when I saw it. I didn't even look at the noir like I planned lol. It is the BB.

    I will say I just placed an online order so I will be revealing more soon

  13. I did!! I am sooo happy with it! Thanks for your help, you definitely helped me with this choice and I LOVE it! The color is amazing in person. They said there were less than 20 still in the US which surprised me since its been out so long.
  14. So which wallet should I go with to use in it? Rosalie in fuchsia (wish I could get a RB, but can't locate one ) or ZCP in mono.
  15. Gorgeous! Enjoy your new bag! I loved your explanation about going to just "look"! Lol I am the same way, I intend to just look but always come home with something. :smile: Wear your new alma well!