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  1. Hey Ladies!!

    A little while back, I posted that I was interested in a new tote that came out in the 2015/16 Cruise collection. After hearing all your experiences, I was set!

    I was in NYC for Easter and picked up this baby, as well as my first Mulberry!

    I went for navy caviar and gold hardware, and let me tell you... I am in LOVE! :biggrin:

    Also, I posted a pic with my GST for comparison. I have to say... I think I like this one better!

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  2. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  3. Beautiful! I love it! Can you please post a pic of the interior? Many Thanks
  4. Wow!! Gorgeous!!
  5. No problem! Its one big compartments with three side pockets and one big one on the back

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  6. I agree -- this tote looks better than the gst. Enjoy in good health!
  7. I like it! Really beautiful and very useful.
  8. Love this new tote! I like totes as an everyday work bag.
  9. Thanks everyone for your kind words! I'm super excited that she's mine!
  10. She's a beauty!
  11. Exactly why i picked it up. I'm always hauling so much stuff for work that I can't use most of Chanel's small (but gorgeous:biggrin:) bags except on the weekends.
  12. I like that it's not as boxy and unflexible as the GST and looks easier to use.
  13. I love this new tote. How is the strap drop? Also does it come in cream? want!
  14. Beautiful tote, enjoy it!
  15. Wow that is a beautiful tote bag! simple but elegant (and sturdy too). love the navy color!