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  1. I wanted to treat myself for working hard this semester and pulling good grades. I have been aching for another LV. But, I can't stomach the cost of another one right now. Luckily, I was at Macy's and found this Hamilton in Dark Khaki and fell in love! I love the color scheme. Although the one at Macy's was on sale, it was a little dinked up so I passed thinking that it would be on sale online at Macys also and I could get it that way plus ******! Turns out it wasn't. I called Macy's CS and they actually managed to get me an even lower price!

    It arrived today and it was extremely well packaged. I could tell that it was brand new, never used. I hate it when I get a customer returned bag and you could tell it had been used. This definitely wasn't the case.

    Sorry for the long story. But, here she is :biggrin: My Hamilton N/S Saffiano in Dark Khaki.

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  2. So pretty! My favorite saffiano leather color! Congrats

  3. How much? I was looking for the dark khaki on sale but didn't see it
  4. Love ! Was in Macy's today but they didn't have this on sale :sad:
  5. Pretty
  6. Thanks!

    $205 shipped. Tell them that the Springfield, VA store had them on sale and they should be able to price match it for you by calling the store. The rep also gave me an additional 15% off!

    See above! :smile:


  7. I'm gonna do that I wonder if I can use the MK Macy's chat I'm just lazy to call lol
  8. You should be able to. I didn't see the option last time I was on their site.
  9. Pretty! Love the color!

  10. Thanks for the tip and good luck finding a rose gold hardware Hamilton
  11. My goodness that is a beautiful bag! Congrats! You deserve it! I hope you did great in school!
  12. Absolutely GORGEOUS color on that bag! Congrats!! :woohoo::tup:
  13. Congrats on your new Hamilton! I'm a fan of the Dark Khaki color as well, so classy with the gold hardware.