Reveal Time!

  1. Who's ready??
    20130507_171659_resized.jpg 20130507_171900_resized.jpg 20130507_171942_resized.jpg
  2. Me me!!
  3. Me!
  4. Me too!
  5. Me!!
  6. I'm here! In here!
  7. Here's a hint:
  8. You are off to a great start with that color! :biggrin:
  9. I'm here~ :woohoo:
    ooooh... I think that's first here...
  10. Tangerine or rose corail?
  11. oooo HG bag reveal...:couch:
  12. ooooh, tangerine? pretty color!
  13. Sorry about the delay..I was taking her out for a spin to the grocery store :p


    My brand new Tangerine Day with mgsh!!

    The leather is thick and not the slightest bit dry and has the perfect amount of sheen IMO.
    Thanks for letting me share :smile:
    20130507_172027_resized.jpg 20130507_172842_resized.jpg
  14. That is a stunning Day! What a great colour for summer.
  15. Wow, what a stunner! I love love tangerine colour, it is so delicious! Congrats and wear it well.