Reveal time: I've been stalking this one online for weeks!

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  1. You know how sometimes, you dream up an idea of a bag you've seen and love but in a colour that doesn't exist, and hope that one day that the handbag fairies will grant your secret wish and this bag will come into existence?!

    Last year, inspired by another TPFer who was discussing building a core collection of bags, I decided I needed to rebuild my collection almost from scratch, encompassing no more than 10 bags in total to cover all occasions. I was only actually using a few of my bags anyway, so I set about selling the ones that hadn't been out of their dust bags for over a year and began planning starting over...

    This bag I had owned before in another colour, but sold on soon after I bought her because the colour wasn't quite the right neutral to cover all bases...I dreamt one day that the perfect neutral shade would come into being, and lo and behold, not long after I imagined her, she did!

    But getting hold of her was a waiting game...she's been available on the website for over a month, but I wanted to see her in real life before buying and customer services told me they didn't know when it would hit the stores. So I resigned myself to waiting, after all I didn't 'need the bag urgently' as CS had asked me, more like I just wanted it urgently!

    And then this week I learnt that Selfridges had received stock, the only store in London to have one in real life! So on my day off today into town I went...and here she is! Almost...[​IMG]
  2. For those of you who are still awake after that ramble, introducing Miss medium Lily in dark beige [​IMG]
  3. Oh my, she is a beauty!!:heart:
  4. Oh lovely! Great colour to go with loads of different outfits I reckon
  5. Congrats , she's lovely. Great neutral and you can't go wrong with a medium lily. The grain looks lovely. Enjoy her, a bet selfridges was crazy busy wasn't it?!
  6. that bags is an absolute beauty
    I would be interested to know what bags are in your core collection.
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  7. Congrats rakhee81, your medium lily is beautiful and will go with loads! Enjoy
  8. It's beautiful and will go with everything. Congratulations!
  9. Congrats, it's really lovely and you can wear it with almost everything! I love the new dark beige colour! :heart:
  10. Yay, beautiful! Enjoy your new Lily ~
  11. Thank you lovelies! Can't wait to use her!
  12. Thank you! Yes selfridges was nuts! Even the mulbers concession had a queue!
  13. Thanks CP! Has your new Bays arrived yet?!

    So far my 'core collection' consists of:

    Chanel Jumbo dark grey lambskin GHW
    Chanel m/l black chevron lambskin GHW
    Mulberry Bayswater oxblood NVT
    Mulberry Bayswater graphite pebbled
    Mulberry medium Lily dark beige

    The ones I'm hoping to add to complete the family:

    Mulberry regular lily oxblood NVT
    LV neverfull tote mm
    Celine trio black lambskin
    Celine box in Tan

    And I have a solid walnut wood box clutch that makes a round 10!
  14. Congratulations! A really great neutral. ❤️
  15. I love that colour so much, I hope it goes in the winter sales because I can't justify it at full price. Bought to much the last couple of months.
    Enjoy her..she's gorgeous!