Reveal Time! Coach Poppy Sequin Pushlock Flap

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  1. Hi all :smile:

    I said I would post a quick reveal when I got my ebay find in the mail, & here I am! I purchased a used (in mint condition) Coach Poppy Pushlock Flap & boy, do I ever love it! It is such a regal purse in every way, & I feel so happy to own it.

    Here are a few quick pics, & below is a link to my long & rambly video review of the handbag.

  2. It's so pretty! Is it a pain to open?
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    Well, congratulations. You are officially purse-obsessed when you're making youtube videos about your new bags! You did a really great job, I enjoyed it. It's helpful because that bag is bigger than I thought. BEAUTIFUL ring, btw. I noticed it right way; a few seconds into the video!! That patch thing inside is called the "Creed Patch".
    Thanks for taking the time! It's awesome but a black bag always is!

    EDIT: I should elaborate on the Coach creed patch. The last set of numbers after the hyphon-that's the style of your purse. The first set will start with a letter. That stands for the month that it was manufactured. (They don't use the letter I, too easy to misread). The next two numbers will be the year that it was made. For example, if it starts with C12, the bag was made in March 2012. I'm not sure what the next few numbers after it mean. tPF members whateve, BeenBurned or Hyacinth might see this and answer though.
  4. Thanks so much! It's not that bad to open actually. I feel like because I have to work just a tiny bit to open it, I don't throw as much trash inside it (like I did my old cheapy purse).
  5. Aww, thank you! lol I am definitely becoming more purse obsessed. I love & loathe that at the same time. I just bought another ebay bag that I am crazy about too, & I am in the process of rehabing it a little. What a fun process to get such a steal on a bag & then put some love into it :smile:

    Thanks for the info about the Coach creed patch as well! And, thank you for the compliment of my ring! Jewelry is by far my biggest hobby, but it's difficult to financially support. I know so much about the ins & outs of jewelry that I would probably make a killing if I got my GIA degree and opened my own store, maybe someday! And, I could sell handbags too :P
  6. The digits after the year and before the patch refer to the plant that produced it. It is only important when authenticating.
  7. Very pretty!
  8. Congrats!
  9. Thanks so much!
  10. Thank you! I graduate college a month from today, so it was my little treat to myself :smile:
  11. Cute! Congrats!
  12. Thank you! :smile:
  13. Oh that is wonderful!! Congratulations!

    As far as rehabbing your next ebay purchase, did you see the rehab thread up in the Clubhouse sub-forum? There is TONS of info in that thread if you need any...

  14. Thanks! :smile: I'm so excited to be done with my bachelors, & now I just have to decide what I was to go to grad school for definitively.

    And thank you so much for the rehab thread tip! I wish I had known about it before I rehabbed by bag tonight because I was soooo lost lol. I posted in another thread about it for help & got no response. I think the bag is going to survive though lol, & I think I did help it slightly.
  15. Congratulations on both your new bag and on your graduation! The bag is beautiful and you've earned it! Enjoy!