Reveal Time! Bag Ban Failed.. haha

  1. I have been resisting the urge to get anything after the spring summer collection. But prefall act 1 is just too amazing this round. Couldn't resist the temptation...
  2. Broke but very happy
  3. 1st up are the amazing items I got from their mark down. Hehe.. The green cardigan is my favorite!
    IMG_5645.PNG IMG_5623.JPG IMG_5646.jpg
  4. And something just got my eyes and which has always been on my wishlist.. the trendy cc!! Sorry it's hard to capture the real color on my phone.
  5. Next are the accessories! I'm so loving this Camelia Brooch! So easy to match with my outfit!
  6. Super in love with this beautiful Camelia earrings..
  7. Congratulations on breaking your ban with a bang. That green cardigan is really pretty but the eyes went right to that Trendy CC!!!
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  8. And this special piece
  9. This looks so much like a shooting stars..
  10. Was on the fence getting this tshirt, but love the quality and the look of it in real life
  11. Ok.. I'm going to reveal the last part which also show how my bag ban plan failed badly... haha

    Super in love with this cute business affinity bag. It has a hint of purplish pink, but I'm not able to capture the actual colour on my phone
  12. Was totally not thinking of getting any mini, but this color won my heart ❤️ love how it changes color in different lightings..
  13. What a fabulous haul! You picked up gorgeous pieces.
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  14. Ok. This is also totally not in my radar. I was smitten by it when I saw it in real life. The iridescent caviar chevron classic flap. I love how subtle the hint of green and purple are. So edgy and casual, unlike the classics that are usually more formal looking. I'll most probably use this more often than my other classics hehe
  15. Ok this is the last one which I love the most.. and it's the reissue charm flap in medium size.. love love all the charms and the meaning behind it!

    Thanks for letting me share and this time round I'm really staying in Ban Island. Super broke haha. :no: