Reveal time after all your help!

  1. A lot of you responded to my post about my dilemma between the delightful in DE and the neverfull in DE. Thanks to all your responses I decided to keep the delightful in DE and I exchanged the neverfull in DE for this.....I'm in love️ ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458498810.926764.jpg

    When I brought it home I realized that it already had a light even patina. It must've been the store display but it was their last one. I'm actually ok with it as I don't have to worry about it as much. Would this bother anyone or would you be ok with it too??
  2. It wouldnt bother me at all, light patina is what I would want anyway.

    Something dirty, or oil stains would be another story!

    Great bag!
  3. When I got my NF all the bags had a little bit of patina. It seems to me like on the NF and Delightful they are using slightly patina'd leather right from the start. Even when I got my just released Delightful last year it had a little color already. I prefer it this way. Congrats on your bag! I really want something mono with a RB interior but already have a NF. Lovely combo.
  4. What a perfect solution to your dilemma! Your DE Delightful looked to good on you to give up.

    I agree with NurseAnn about the vachetta having a little patina now. I received a brand new DA Delightful that I had preordered and my SA brought it to me from the back. My vachetta looked as you described.

    Enjoy your beautiful NF!

  5. Thanks I feel better knowing that others have had a light patina already....maybe it wasn't a display then. She pulled it out of the drawer but I thought maybe they took it down from the display at some point. Anyway, it is lovely. It does seem like the right decision to my dilemma. I was worried about selling my delightful and then regretting it.....
  6. I think you made a great decision, and you now how two lovely classic bag styles in different prints. Congrats and enjoy!
  7. Congrats! My Delightful also had a very, very slight patina to it already when I bought it. It was not a display model as the SA pulled it out of the back room. I read somewhere in this forum that new bags from LV now come with that slight patina. Maybe LV is pre-treating it now? I actually prefer the slight patina to very pale vachetta though.
  8. This is one of my favorites. I've been carrying it for a few months. The RB lining just makes it. Enjoy!!!
  9. Congrats on your bag!
  10. Love it congrats !
  11. Congrats! I'd be happy with the patina if it was all even.
  12. Very nice! Congrats!
  13. great LV - congrats!
  14. Congrats love the rose interior. My sully mm purchased from had a slight patina. I read on the forum somewhere that LV is using new vachetta.
  15. Love that! I also really liked the way Delightful looked on you.