Reveal, thoughts?

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  1. Love it!
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  2. It’s great!
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  3. It's looks good and seems like it fits a lot too. Is it comfy to carry for you?
  4. It looks nice but I think the strap can’t be very comfortable if you were to fill the tote. I have the classic flap M/L and it’s significantly smaller than your tote, but even that I find hurts my shoulders if I put too much stuff in it...
  5. I like it :smile: enjoy your lovely bag!
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  6. Thanks! I didn’t try it with to much stuff in it. It seems comfortable. I think if it is loaded up it can get heavy. But you do have leather shoulder straps to help. Also the handles for the crook of your arm.
  7. I think if you were to fill it it would get heavy. But it does have the leather shoulder straps and handles so I think that will help. If your shoulder hurts then you can switch to hand held, or even crook of the arm. I think it’s nice to have both options in a tote.
  8. It is a gorgeous bag and it looks good on you. Enjoy!!
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  9. I have the smaller version of this bag and love it. Congrats!!
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  10. I like this way better than GST. Congrats!
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