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  1. I received my tote. I know it’s on the boxy side. I just figured I would get some opinions on it.

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  2. Its gorgeous!!!
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  3. I :heart: it!!
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  4. Haven’t you heard that “boxy is good!” (Referencing the old Volvo commercials). I love it! So classic and functional. Enjoy!
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  5. I really like it. This shape is very true to the Chanel spirit.
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  6. I love it! I looked at this a few times but I went for the timeless classic tote in the end but this leather looked more hardwearing and I love the size and shape
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  7. Loveee it!!! Looks good on you too!!
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  8. Simply stunning
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  9. Beautiful bag!
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  10. Looks good ;) reminds me of the gst
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  11. Thank you to everyone for your reassuring commments. I feel more confident with my purchase now!
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  12. That’s a gorgeous bag, congrats to you!
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  13. Very nice
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  14. It looks perfect! Congrats and enjoy this beauty!!
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  15. Beautiful! I love it
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