Reveal ! Think pink !!

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  1. I go pick up my Pink Garden Party in Toile/ Leather Trim at H Lee Garden today !! So pretty and cute ! :yahoo:
    bb 1.JPG bb 2.JPG
  2. Think pink and spring!! It is gorgeous!! Congratulations and wear it in much happiness!
  3. Some more action picture !

    Go to the counter to collect the club points and to redeem free Chinese Lunar New Year Sweet Cake, all because of the purchase at H at Lee Garden Shopping Arcade !! :nuts:
    bb 4.JPG bb 5.JPG bb 6.JPG
  4. Pale pink it not really me in all things but I do love that bag for Summer. Lovely shopgirl.
  5. Congrats! Looks great on you. I spy a BV purchase too. You have been busy shopping!

  6. congrat on your pink chinese NY cake...... oops sorry Garden Party......... ha ha ha
  7. OMG.....It looks really great on you!! :nuts:
    I saw the white one (all leather) last month, wanna get one GP now...
    You did a great job! CONGRATULATIONS~!!!!! :yahoo:
  8. It's really really pretty. Love, love, love it !!! :biggrin:
  9. shopgirl bb The Garden Party looks great on you, and I love the shade of Pink!:cloud9:
  10. Pink GP looks lovely on you. :smile:

  11. SHOPGIRL BB......... This is such a Beautiful Photo of your new Garden Party!
  12. Congratulations, so pretty in pink!
  13. Wowza- Congratulations into fabulous pinkness!! She looks beautiful on you!! Looking
    forward to a pink Spring!
  14. Ahhhh ..... You've got it!!! the color is sooooo sweet, Congrats ya!
  15. congratulations - it's a beautiful color