Reveal: They'll Cut a Biatch!

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  1. So after I bought my first pair I promised myself no more CLs until after Christmas. Then I saw these beauties! Thanks to a wonderful fellow tPFer :hugs: for enabling me to get these. So whose ready to help me celebrate my second pair of CLs? :graucho:
  2. me!!!
  3. scissor girls?:popcorn:
  4. Let's start with the basic box pic which always evokes a little flutter in my heart!

  5. Maybe a little more tease .... ;)

  6. So shiny!

  7. I'm here!!
  8. DC called it.... Say hello to my Scissor Girls in Bronze!!!

  9. Congrats!!!! They are stunning!
  10. #10 Sep 27, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2010
    Here they are on. I'm truly in love with these shoes! I've been walking all around my place in them to see if any adjustments will need to be made (heel grip on the one is all!) and love how they look. I literally spent two days shopping trying to find the perfect dress to wear with them for the wedding rehearsal that I'm involved in. (Will post those pictures in the Outfit thread when I wear them :biggrin:)

  11. [​IMG]

    I will probably being doing my happy dance for quite a while. They were not on my radar as a shoe that I really wanted from CL but then I saw them and feel in love with the style. Once they were on my feet I knew then that I will think of every excuse to wear them as often as possible
  12. I really love this style. Congrats!!!
  13. clothingguru and KlassicKouture thank you so much!
  14. Great purchase! I, too, just love these shoes and they look great on you. Look forward to seeing them in the 'Outfit' thread.
  15. lizziecat Thank you sweetie! I'm excited to show off the dress I got to "introduce" the shoes with :biggrin: