Reveal!!! the perfect Prada (for me)

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  1. side angle with strap.jpg front angle.jpg Got my first PRADA! Took a long time deciding (three days), so ultimately I chose this...I love it because it's got a retro yet classic shape, beautifully soft, smushy leather, and a beautiful shade of navy (which I didn't have). It's officially called the "Bauletto Vitello Daino Baltico" (1BB008).

    Thank you for letting me share!!! :flowers::heart::hbeat::girlsigh::love::hbeat: View attachment 3407093 View attachment 3407093 logo.jpg back of bag.jpg side buckle.jpg
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  2. She is a true beauty! VD leather is amazingly soft and pleasant, you've made a great choice! Enjoy!
  3. Thank you so much!! Using her today for the first time!!!
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  4. image.jpeg A pic at the hotel my mom and I are staying at :heart:
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  5. It's lovely. Enjoy! Baltico is one of my favorite colors. It's neutral, but not boring. Nothing like the touch and the scent of new Prada deerskin leather. Ahh....... :nuts:
  6. Very nice! I have a vitello daino too. Looks great!
  7. Thank you so much, folks!!
  8. It's gorgeous :heart:
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  9. I just love that color! Great choice!
  10. image.jpeg Oh we're bag twins! I love this bag. It's such a workhorse and the color is a great neutral.
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  11. Oh my gosh - we are!!! I agree with you about the Prada...and I love your collection!! :smile: Great picture!
  12. image.jpeg Ok- don't mean to milk the attention on this bag (much), but I looked for a "your Prada in action" thread and couldn't find here is my Prada on the beaches of Cape Cod - somewhere I NEVER thought I would take a gorgeous bag like this- but with some careful attention and coverage from the sun (which we ALL need!), I decided to risk it. Thanks again for letting me share (again). :smile:
  13. I love it!!!! So beautiful and classic!
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