REVEAL: The fallen in love Kusama story had a happy end. Got you some pics!

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  1. So I opened a poll again yesterday - so thank you all who gave their opinion and I noticed, obviously when I open a poll - I actually seem to have made up my mind unconsciously already.

    When I went to LV two days ago to ask about the beige leopard scarf for a friend, I wanted to look at some more Kusama articles just for fun and out of curiousity.

    NEVER ever do that just for curiosity!

    You will fall in love with something always. At least that happend with me the last time with the Kusama yellow pouch and this time with another item again.

    Who's in?
    zippy1.JPG zippy2.JPG
  2. I'm here and I love your Luggage (and your bag's raincoat, lol)!
  3. Wow... Here... Open open .
  4. Ya - that raincoat is so fun!

    So here we go! Here is a first hint!
    zippy3.JPG zippy4.JPG zippy5.JPG
  5. Is it the red Kusama vernis Zippy? Cant wait to see!
  6. BTW - I love this card. Just an ad, but still. I like alot the person of Yayoi Kusama. That imaginative crazyness. Adorable.
  7. I agree with you about the card -- the whole setting seems very out there, but it's exactly the way she's described seeing the world. Craziness.

    But back to your reveal. Open! :woohoo:
  8. 50% correct melovepurse!

    For me its blue - I really fell in love with it last thursday. I have been reading everything about the Kusama colors and zippys since then (I never own such a large wallet before...).

    And as it is, when you have the choice of several colors it is always difficult. I also love green. After opening the poll last night - I think I secretely decided I have to get it.

    So I went back today - held every Zippy in every color in front of the mirror - and my feeling was right - fell in love with blue before - today again - absolutely blue again!!!

    From the photos from TPF I wasn't sure whether the color was too bright for me as I am more preppy style or ruffles, but actually it was not!

    With flash the color looks much brighter than it is. I experience the color without flash being more realistic in real life - and I love it!
    zippy6.JPG zippy.JPG zippy12.JPG zippy13.JPG zippy8.JPG
  9. Just in time!! Open!!
  10. Gorgeous!!!
  11. Ya, that was what also appealed to me. Initially when I read about this Kusama line I totally was not into this very loud pattern - but actually when I saw it in real life - it wasn't that loud. Colorful yes, but somehow creating its own space. Man - I sound weird... But I experience it that way and love that subtle message. :P

    Though inside that wallet is very very blue... Here some details.
    zippy10.JPG zippy11.JPG zippy innen.JPG zippy15.JPG zippy14.JPG
  12. Ah, beautiful decision, and a great choice for a first long wallet, too! Love how the blue's fun and there but not overpoweringly so. Congratulations and enjoy!

    Edit: Posted at the same time! The blue looks great on you, and I completely agree with you about the 'space' notion and the pattern; it photographs 'out there' but it's much more enjoyable IRL. Love it! :heart:
  13. Thank you, gals! :smile:

    Here are some photos with the yellow pumpkin pouch - they really look shrill with flash - but the color really is difficult to capture. Without flash they are again more realistic depicted.

    I stuffed everything in my Céline after unpacking. She looks with that content. But that zippy is really huge compared to the Ludlow. :sweatdrop:

    I really love this purchase!
    zippy16.JPG zippy18.JPG zippy19.JPG zippy20.JPG
  14. Love it!
  15. Thank you so much chikapinku (BTW - love your avatar Céline! :cool:)!