Reveal, the Amberley Satchel!!

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  1. HI Gringach!

    Was just wondering if you could post your thoughts after ~a year of usage? Has there been any quality issues? I bought one for my wife and I know nothing about bags and the last thing I'd want is to get her a poor quality bag, especially at this price range. Thanks
  2. Hello!
    I am very sorry but I will not be able to respond as I sold this bag to fund another one.. However, it is a nice bag and the leather seems very sturdy! The only concern could be on the openening - I would suggest not to push the front flap to high.. Hope I can explain myself as English is not my mothertongue.
    Maybe others using the bag can comment :smile:
  3. If it helps, I own two Amberley bags. One in black grain and the other in a chocolate croc print. Mine are the small size. I purchased them when the bag first came out. I have absolutely no quality problems and they still look new. One was dropped in a pedicure tub along with my feet. I dried it immediately and it still looks new. Attached is a picture of both bags.

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  4. Both your Amberleys are beautiful - I have a medium Amberley which I bought in the Christmas sales. Obviously when the flap is opened the external leather creases but on mine, I have noticed that when the flap is down it is still slightly 'buckled', as if there is too much leather. This ridge is also uneven, going slightly diagonally across the flap. Have you noticed anything similar with yours? I have only used mine around 5 times, this was not apparent when I first purchased the bag. I really love it but this is an issue for me.