Reveal, the Amberley Satchel!!

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  1. Hi!
    It’s the regular size - Perfect for my daily use :smile:
    Let us know if you get it too!
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  2. Thank you! ;)

    I'm on the website right now trying to decide between small and regular.
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  3. Which one did you get??
  4. These bags look really lovely. I’m thinking about asking for a mini one in a fun colour for Christmas to use as a evening bag. I’ve been into the shop and it’s so cute. I’d have preferred a small but the coloured ones are sold out already! What do you all think of the mini - too small? Might just need a smaller purse too...
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  5. Hi Gringach,
    I bought a regular size in Oak today. Wanted an oxblood one but they didn't have it in stock. How is the leather part attaching to gold metal ring of the strap holding up with your bag? It doesn't look very strong?
    Many thanks in advance. X
  6. Hi Foerverbag,
    Is it what you are referring to?
    I think they look ok on my bag.. IMG_1512676862.208105.jpg
  7. Hi Gringach,
    That was the part!
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  8. Congrats! What a pretty bag and love the color too!
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  9. Hi ladies, I returned the bag today as I found out it was too heavy for me after I loaded up with all my daily essentials.:sad:
    A little bit disappointed but I was too excited at the shop to test it out properly. They didn't have a small or mini in stock so couldn't try one neither. X
  10. Hi Gringach

    I was wondering whether you have problems with the sealant near the top of the flap at the back? I bought mine 2 weeks ago and have used it a few times since. I am also generally pretty careful with my bags. Today I noticed the sealant cracking on both sides.


    I’m wondering whether it’s normal due to the way the bag opens but it’s disappointing that it has happened so soon :sad:

  11. Hi lingc999,
    I saw your post and I had the same concern as well as other issues with the Amberley so I returned it. I bought a Darley satchel last year and it cracked liked yours after just trying it out at home. I took it back to the shop and was given a full refund as it has not been taken out.
    Contact customer service and ask for advice.
    Good luck!
  12. Hello,
    I saw your message and the pics you posted, this is awful :sad:
    And this has not happened to me.
    I would advise to contact customer service asap and ask for an exchange.
    Hopefully you will have this sort it out quickly.
  13. Foreverbags/Gringach - Thanks for your replies!
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  14. I've seen the small version of this bag and I'm impressed. It's beautifully made. Hoping to see the Amberley tote IRL..
  15. So nice! :tup: