Reveal, the Amberley Satchel!!

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  1. Thanks for your description Pessie. I do need a beautiful brown so I may have my SA ship one to me to see how I like it! Will let you know.
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  2. Thanks also Gringach! So happy to know Pessie's opinion as it helps because like you I have to have one shipped to me. I need the brown but I really like the other style in the deep violet so I am going to have to think it over. Will let you know when I finally decide.
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  3. Congratulations! I am still a stalker in this forum as I have been eye-ing a Mulberry bag for a long time but have not got one. It is a coincidence that last week I stopped by Mulberry and tried the Amberley — it is indeed a lovely bag! And what a great versatile color!
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  4. Pessie and Gringach, I spoke with my SA and he thought I would like the Amberley and the Brimley which were the bags I like. Since Pessie approved of the brown croc I asked for him to send the brown and the violet in the other bag. They arrived and I have only had time to glance at them. They both appear to be beautiful but I will have to look thoroughly tomorrow. Today was a very tough day because my son had to euthanize his beloved dog of 14 years due to cancer. I was with them and it is so very sad.
  5. Oh no, I'm so sorry about the dog that's very sad to hear.
    I'm amazed the bags arrived so quickly, your SA is very efficient! I haven't seen the Brimley in real life, and I like the look of this in the tote style too, so I'm interested to know what you think of it :smile:
  6. Lovely lovely bag. I need it and I will get one in black for sure.
    Do you think it will go on sale? I'm not in rush to buy it now
  7. Hi Izzy,
    I am very sorry for the dog, that is very sad news :sad:
    Great that you received the bags.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you!
  8. Core colors (black, oxblood and oak) don’t go often on sale I think, unless the bag is discontinued.
    But I might be wrong..
    Let’s wait for the next sales and see ;)
  9. Stunning! I am drooling
  10. I am so sorry for your son's loss. I lost my girl to cancer this year as well.
  11. The colour looks really dark. Lovely bag.
  12. congrats!! oxblood is such a lovely color :smile:

    how do you find the bag so far? i've just got mine in the same size but in oak, and i'm thinking if i should keep it... i'm supposed to be on ban island but i couldn't pass up this deal (around £600) when i saw it. cus i've always wanted a mulberry in oak! thanks for sharing!!
  13. Did you keep or return this bag?
    I love mine I have to say :smile:
    It looks great in oak too. The leather seems so hard wearing that you can use it all year long without worrying I think!
  14. I would like to complete my review by mentioning the following as I use this bag for a few weeks now:
    The leather softens and the opening of the bag gets wider - So easier to get things in and out!
    Even the little pocket inside is now wider and easier to use!
    I absolutely don’t regret having purchased this bag! The more you use it, the nicer the leather and the bag become.. Personaly, I really like their new veg tan leather :smile:
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  15. I love this bag so much!

    What size is your bag? The small or regular size?

    Thank you! :flowers: