Reveal, the Amberley Satchel!!

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  1. Thank you :flowers:!!
  2. Thank you:flowers:!!
    I use this bag this week for the first time and the leather seems really sturdy I have to say!
    If you can have a look in the shop, you will the difference with the other version of the NVT.
    I put some Collonil gel as seemed a little dry and now it is just perfect:smile:
    The strap starts to relax which is nice as it was folded.
    Let me know if you wish any additional information;)
  3. Love this! I wasn't so keen on it when it first came out, but am swaying a little more.
    Can you show me a photo of the interior? Can you store much inside the bag and are there zip pockets inside?
  4. Gorgeous bag!!!! Does it hold a decent amount of stuff? With all the mini bags around, slightly fed up of down sizing. I only saw the next size up in the shop and was surprised that it was not that heavy (Mulberry standard). Gringach, would you mind to show us or let us know what fits inside please?
  5. Thanks Ladies,
    The bag is beautiful indeed :smile:
    It is also lightweight which is very important to me.
    However, the opening is quite narrow and therefore I wouldn’t put too much inside as you won’t be able to reach your things easily.
    That’s ok for me but might not be for you.
    What I carry it on it:
    - continental wallet
    - keys
    - sunglasses
    - IPhone 7 (I think)
    - badge for work
    - tissues
    I could add a few additional stuff but honestly, I wouldn’t add much for keeping the access easy. A small make-up pouch would be ok though.
    There is only one none zipped pocket where you can’t put much. I only slide my badge there.
    To say the thruth I was a little annoyed at first but with usage, it’s ok now - I got used to it.
    Plus I showed the bag to a friend and she founded the opening and the space totally fine..
    I might add a pic later ;)
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  6. IMG_1508505042.728427.jpg
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  7. An absolutely gorgeous bag! Congrats:smile:
  8. Thank you Izzy!
    Very kind of you :flowers:
  9. Lovely bag! Congrats!

    Thanks for posting pix and the review.
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  10. I am wondering if the maroon dye has transferred to any belongings inside the bag (from the suede)...thanks!
  11. Grinch, did you by any chance see the brown croc print Amberley? After I sold my chocolate Bayswater I have wanted the same color in another Mulberry but I haven't found one. I wonder if the leather looks good?
  12. Hi Izzy - I've seen this leather in real life and it is gorgeous. It's glossy and firm (I think the bag will keep its shape) and a fabulous choc colour. It looks very classy in this style, hth :smile:
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  13. Hello Izzy,
    I am glad Pessie could answer as I got mine shipped from the store (I cannot go there, it is too far from my home).
    What I can tell is that even if it softens a little, mine will keep it shapes as well I think.
    It is a beautiful bag, I hope you will find yours :smile:
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  14. Hello!
    No it has not happened to me.
    However I think they warned about this on the care card. I can check and confirm :smile:
    What I can say is that my SBS was the same and nothing ever happened to what I usually carry. Though I was never caught on heavy rain with it and my purse is red, not a light colored one..
  15. Thank you :flowers:
    I am glad I could add it to my collection :smile:
    It is very unique I think and I love the design of the lock!