reveal spicy paprika

Apr 29, 2009
well, I went and exchanged the first Katrina for another one and I tried to look it over in the store as much as I could but now that I have it home, I'm noticing several small black dots on it. one of them I think is under the patent but there are some on the side buckle and I'm not sure they are under the patent or on top but they won't come off. I hate to make another trip to the store. darn it!!
That's too bad! Coach really needs to watch its quality.


Jul 29, 2009
Wow never knew this bag was ready to come out, lovely color, is a a true red or does it have some orange tones to it? Love how the patent bags are so versitile and hold up just abotu anything! enjoy!!


Jun 21, 2009
the color is kind of hard to explain, to me it's kind of marbled,lol it's reddish in some places and orangish in others. that sounds strange but that's the best way I can describe the color. I returned the second one because of defects and didn't get another one. the more I tried it on, the less I liked the color. it's pretty but just not the color I wanted.