Reveal: something spongy

  1. Anyone up for a reveal?
  2. Me please
  3. Something spongy? My first thought was sponge cake........ Victoria sponge, chocolate sponge........ oops sorry

  4. Nope, not a sponge cake. :nogood: Maybe this is not the place to make a sponge cake reveal. :biggrin:
  5. My new baby arrived today. She is gorgeous! Kind of a spur of the moment buy but totally the right one for me. :love:
  6. Not gonna drag this out for long, here's another pic that might make it pretty easy to guess:
  7. Oh, exciting, I want to see it!!
  8. Harriet?
  9. Nope, not a Harriet. Something older - a shoulder Neely in nude spongy patent:
  10. I love the rose gold hw with the nude spongy patent leather. Even the leather strap has a bit more pink in it than oak NVT, so it compliments the rose gold beautifully. It's my first nude bag, perfect for summer! :heart:
  11. Congrats, it's lovely and hard to get hold off!
  12. Thanks steph22! Yep, the Neelys are difficult to find...
  13. What a classy bag - it's just lovely. Any chance of a modelling picture?
  14. One last pic of my Neely family:
  15. Not right now, I'm already in my PJs. :biggrin: I'm gonna take her on her first outing tomorrow (well, first outing with me) so maybe I can snap a few pics then!