Reveal: Something Shiny for my Birthday

  1. Very nice. Congrats!
  2. Oh how beautiful! Congrats and happy birthday!
  3. so gorgeous - congrats!!
  4. on my word those are gorgeous! congrats!

    quick the ring one piece or 3 pieces you can stack?
  5. Beautiful~!!! COngrats~!!! Happy Birthday~!!!
  6. Congrats!
  7. LVOEly!!! Happy Birthday!
  8. So beautiful! :smile:
  9. It's 3 rings that you can wear individually or stack them in any order. :smile:
  10. happy birthday! what a lovely lovely gift:party:
  11. Beautiful and happy birthday!
  12. Happy Birthday! Simply lovely!
  13. that ring is gorgeous :okay:
  14. Congrats! :balloon::balloon::balloon:
  15. Amazing!! How much is it may I ask? It's gorgeous!!