Reveal: something red

  1. Just a very quick reveal, brought this beauty home a few days ago. Here she is a red BN1801, a true red : )

  2. So pretty! Congrats :loveeyes: I'm planning to get my frist prada too. I'm debating between red and gray. They all look so pretty to me! :heart:
  3. Gorgeous! Can you model it for us?!
  4. A women always needs 1 red bag. I love it!
  5. What a lovely shade of red! Congrats on the new purse! :smile:
  6. Here are my modeling pic, sorry about my casual wear ImageUploadedByPurseForum1370943377.614623.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1370943390.060278.jpg
  7. I love gray! It's more versatile if it's going to be your 1st.
  8. very pretty !
  9. Love it! Red is next on my radar. Such a beautiful bag!
  10. Red is my favorite color. I love your bag. Congrats...
  11. Congrats...Prada's red really is perfect!
  12. I've seen red IRL. It's a lovely bag.
  13. Congratulations! Red is so pretty and attention grabbing 😄
  14. congrats, such a beautiful bag.. may i know what colour is the bag that written in the auth card ? is it fuoco or lacca ? :woohoo:
  15. Hi, it's fuoco