Reveal!! so happy!'

  1. hello beautifuls!

    found this last friday and cant get off the smile of my face^^thanks for the opportunity to share my pleasure^^ just falling in love with swift leather! it's true luxurious!
  2. as a swift lover i can only adore it enjoy in the best of health darling !!!
  3. That's pretty. Like the different colour on the strap too. :smile:
  4. thanks!!!
  5. thanks!!yes it's camel/orange bi-color!!
  6. what a beauty!!!!
  7. *gasp* it is a beauty!
    Is it barenia, or just brown swift? Congrats!!
  8. invoice says camel/orange*^^* thanks dear!!
  9. Gorgeous!!! We're TB cousins!!!!!! You'll want to wear her all the time and try to coordinate outfits around this bag!!!! Congrats!!
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    What a beauty! Is this the 22 or the 26?
  11. Congrats! Very beautiful! :smile:
  12. thanks!!it is 20cm
  13. Gorgeous bag! Congrats!
  14. STUNNING! GORGEOUS! Congrats!
  15. Ohhhh envy.... Still patiently waiting for my toolbox.