Reveal: Small Nuvolato Caiman Tote SS 2010.

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  1. Thanks to a very kind and generous tpf'er, I have a very special new-to-me baby. She's only 15" x 10" x 6". She's petite and perfect. I absolutely love her! She'll take turns carrying my larger loads with my Peltro Cabat. My two totes make me happy each time I look at them. I set her down on my kitchen counter when I took her out of the box and was stunned by her beauty.

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  2. Lovely, Diane. :smile:
    Congrats. You have a Nuvolato Veneta as well, right?
    So with two Venetas gone from your collection now, have to morphed into a tote girl? :graucho:
  3. It is soooooooo Beautiful! Congratulations, diane278:woohoo:
    BTW, this style is also called Lido right:smile:?
  4. Look at that pretty bag!!

    I have recently developed a new love towards open totes. Seems like your cabat was an inspiration.

    Is your nuvolato Veneta getting jealous?

    Enjoy your new tote!
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  5. I LUV it. You must bring her to our meet-up.
  6. WOW! They really don't make them like they used to. Enjoy your lovely new bag. :smile:
  7. Wow, just wow. She is absolutely stunning!
  8. Awesome find! Enjoy!
  9. I've been wondering about that myself. I kept my ardoise, NLG and nuvolato venetas. They were my "go-to" bags, while the chene and violet were rarely used.

    I don't know if it's also called Lido. I can't even keep up with all the names for the pillow/nodini/crossbody. And that's a bag I know pretty well!

    My cabat WAS an inspiration. So was my nuvolato veneta. she hasn't said anything yet, but I expect some complaining. The new tote hasn't been in the closet yet, so they haven't actually met. Time will tell....
  10. I am loving her chubby leather. She'd be a great bag for the meet up. It's either her or my beloved silver peltro.
  11. I feel like I've won the lottery!
  12. i always love nuvolato! can you take pic of this and the veneta together, pretty please? it will be centerfold porn material for me.
  13. GORGEOUS! That leather is to die for.
  14. Here you go.

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  15. Gorgeous! Love my Nuvolato Maxi and this tote is TDF as well. Congrats and enjoy!!