Reveal - Small Givenchy Antigona

  1. Here is my loot from the 30% off sale on Lindestore, not sure if you can call 2 items a loot. I am so happy with both! I live in Aus and these are just hard to come by even at the price that they were before 30% off, so when I got the chance, I could not let them pass me by. My wallet is seriously anorexic now.

    I present to you, my small beige/skin Antigona in calfskin and large nightingale also in beige in lambskin.

  2. What a lovely bag! Congrats!
  3. Wow, you are so lucky! Is the leather of Antigona will get scratched easily! I like your nightingale.
  4. I am having serious nightingale jealous fit now...hee hee
  5. Thanks for the lovely comments guys.

    crazybagfan, I had thought that too. But was very surprised on how sturdy the leather is. I inspected the bag to make sure that there were no scratches cos when buying online you can't inspect it before taking it home and now knowing if it was ever in display with a million hand touching it.

    I had tried to rub water on the small square patch of leather that usually comes with the bag to see if it would penetrate an also tried to scratch it with my nails and nothing happened. Very very surprised with the leather.
  6. would love to see modeling pics!
  7. Hey Pink, you are the queen of the neutral lovelies here on Givenchy subforum! You got some awesome bags, in very hard to find colors and styles. I'm sure you will love them to death.
  8. The Antigona is so lovely!!! i love it so much!! i dare not to buy light colour always carelesss :p
  9. Wow, great picks there, and congrats on the discount! These are so lovely; the styling is classic and streamlined ... As much as I love the Nightingale, I think your Antigona has stolen my heart!
  10. That Antigona is pure heaven! :flowers: The second to the last pic made me sigh :cloud9:
  11. Beautiful pieces!!!!
  12. The Antigona is absolutely stunning! I am soooo jealous.. Great buy!
  13. Love the colour of the Antigona there! So elegant!!!
  14. just a tad bit jealous of ur gorgggg bags!!! xx
  15. Wow Beautiful bags! :biggrin: